2020 is off to a fast start and our team was able to visit some of the larger industry trade shows in January and February. Here are 3 product trends for 2020.

  1. Sustainability: Eco-friendly products and a focus on the environment is a major product focus for 2020. Suppliers are taking appropriate steps to address a products impact on the environment in unique ways. First, the plastic sleeve that holds an umbrella is being replaced by a kraft paper gift sleeve. Secondly, the larger suppliers are promoting their eco-friendly products by giving back to environmentally conscious nonprofit through a “1% for the planet” campaign. 1% of all sales on designated products will be given back to charities focused on environmental changes. Third, regular plastic utensils and trays are being replaced with Wheat Plastic, which is made from the husk of wheat plants that is typically discarded.
  2. Wireless Technology: Say goodbye to wires for good?!? I hope so! Many of the wired products (charging banks, headphones, charging stations, etc.) are now available with a wireless option. The industry continues to mirror the retail technology industry where cordless devices continue to dominate. 
  3. Tie Dye and all things retro (80s!): Who remembers the scrunchies or fanny packs or cropped sweatshirts? Well, these all back and in style. Now brands can deliver trendy and retail focused items to their employees and marketing events.