Change is sometimes bad. Sometimes it is good. Today we are known by a new name. This is absolutely a good change. So, why the name change? Let me give you 4 reasons:

  1. We have 2 sister companies, Augusta Group (in Houston, TX) and Print Management Network (in Charlotte, NC). We are combining all of our companies under one brand. We all do the same type of business and there wasn’t a real reason to keep them separate anymore.
  2. I love the Tarheels. I went to UNC-Chapel Hill from 2000-2004 and it really was the best four years of my life. Ok, I know that is a bit cliché. However, from a business perspective, “Tarheel” is a bit of a regional name. We have locations in Charlotte, Raleigh, Houston, Cincinnati, Austin, and Atlanta. We felt a name change would better highlight ourselves as a national company and not a local business.
  3. Yes, promotional programs are our bread and butter, but as we have grown over the last few years, we have evolved into something larger than just a “promotions” company. We are now a true “branding” company. Not only do we provide promotional products and apparel for marketing purposes, but we now manage social media accounts for client grand openings, we also manage the in-store marketing and POP collateral for a large convenience store chain, and we have engaged social media influencers to promote new product launches for several of our customers. The new name of Insight Branding better reflects our capabilities and what we do for our customers. 
  4. Our new company tagline is “we make your brand our mission”. How do we do this? By gaining an accurate and deep intuitive understanding of our customers. This is our definition of Insight. Our best asset as a company is our unique insight into each of the brands that we work alongside to help build and grow.