Benefits of a Company Wellness Program

After almost a year into the pandemic, there’s renewed focus on personal health and wellness. From a corporate perspective, research shows that there are numerous benefits of a healthy workforce — lower healthcare costs, reduced absenteeism and better productivity, to name a few.

With public health trends on the rise, your company has an opportunity to make an impact. No matter the size of the company, you have the ability to design a wellness program that gives your employees incentives, tools, social support, privacy, and strategies to adopt and maintain healthy behaviors.

But you can’t have an effective corporate wellness program without broad participation, and that’s where we can help. Ready to help incentivize your employees to improve their health habits? Here are three things you can do to get started:

Make it marketable.

Design a catchy name and/or logo that your employees can easily identify and shows that the company believes in the program. Need creative services? We can help with that!

Provide giveaways.

Who doesn’t love free stuff? Create an incentive to encourage employee signups with giveaways. A new shirt, water bottle, bag— the possibilities are endless! It will help generate a buzz around the program and encourage employees to take the next step in goal-setting and achieving those personal health milestones.

Offer achievement awards.

Once employees are signed up, provide them a platform to redeem rewards as they stick with and reach their goals. A multi-tiered approach for different levels of achievement will keep even more people involved. 

Sounds good, but where should you start?

Insight Branding is here to help you design and source products that reinforce a health and wellness theme, meet your budget needs, and get your employees excited! Need a microsite designed for your company wellness program? We can assist with that too!

Let’s get your employees excited about feeling their best in the new year. Email us to get started!